Our investment banking activities include our own equity investment, placement agent services and financing solutions, in addition to advisory services to client companies. We provide our own investment capital as well as capital provided by our network of qualified institutional and accredited investors. Our strategic advisory services expose our clients to a broad range of investors, analysts, and financing opportunities. We bring opportunity and capital together

Mergers and Acquisitions
Primus Trade is one of the leaders in all matters pertaining to changes of ownership and control. No matter the size of a business be it small, large or family controlled or a company owned by a private equity firm or a public enterprise, we are best positioned to advise you on the most effective way to maximize your long-term value. Our team of professional advisers have worked on strategic multi-billion transactions globally and are experienced with almost every possible transaction structure, deal term and document.
A Tailored Approach:
We aim to give a tailor-made approach to everyone of our assignments. Whatever it maybe, from selling a company or assisting with the acquisition of a business, Primus Trade has a steadfast approach to each individual situation enables us to create, individualized processes including:

  • • Setting realistic expectations to do with valuation work
  • • Insightful analysis of merits of selling or buying
  • • Exceptional leverage of our strategic and financial buyer contacts
  • • Accomplished negotiation and advocacy skills
  • • Resolute execution and closing focus
Independent Advice:
As one of the leading independent Investment Capital firms, Primus Trade provides the most objective advice. We have always focused on creating long-term value for all our clients earning a global reputation as one of the truly trusted advisors. In many cases, we advise our client against pursuing a transaction, if it is not in their best long-term interests.
Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures
  • • A sale or merger of your Company
  • • A sale of one of your Company’s divisions
  • • A buyout of partners or shareholders
  • • An acquisition of another business
  • • A merger of equals
  • • A management-led buyout (“MBO”)
  • • A going private transaction
  • • A fairness opinion
Inheritance Tax Portfolio Services
Primus Trade offers a Tax Portfolio Service that invests, in portfolios made up of qualifying stocks quoted primarily on the Alternative Investment Markets. These sorts of investments in these unique, unquoted companies are higher risk, but we do our utmost to reduce the any risk through diversification, these investments are not suitable for all investors.
Guarding Assets
One of the main considerations is safeguarding our customers, assets. The larger assets you have could lead to a greater potential problem for any beneficiaries. Property prices are driving a larger group of people into the dreaded inheritance tax band. The nil band has been recently frozen at £325,000 between 2017 to 2021 any assets above this will have to pay approx 40% Inheritance Tax on all assets.

Primus Trade will establish a tailor made personal investment strategy, allowing your personal Investment Manager to be able to call on our exceptional assets management team to support you in every way.

Because investing in smaller businesses and companies carries a greater risk, our main objectives are to safeguard our client’s capital. We conscientiously select the best companies and diversify the risk through a number of different companies in a collection of varied sectors. Our secondary purpose is to achieve the greatest capital growth for our clients and to generate a dividend yield that will at least cover the annual management fees for the portfolio.

There has recently been a complete change in legislation, now allowing you to purchase Alternative Investment Market (AIM) shares via your ISA which will be free from Capital Gains Tax, Income tax and Inheritance Tax making AIM one of the most tax advantageous and interesting markets in the world.

There are a number of ways that a client can reduce their taxable Estate. Some of these however are known to be complicated, extremely expensive and could well result in you losing the benefits of the assets. We work very hard enabling our Portfolio Service to stay cost effective and simple, which allows the client to retain full ownership of the investments and the income derived from them.

Primus Trade's exceptional Inheritance Tax Portfolio Service invests in portfolios made up of qualifying stocks quoted primarily on the Alternative Investment Market. Any investments in unquoted companies involve a higher degree of risk. We work relentlessly to reduce the risk through diversification, but a portfolio of this type will not be suitable for all our clients and investors investor’s.
Liability Management
Primus Trade’s determined Liability Management team works in a wide range of areas advising on public and private debt transactions, including tenders, exchange offers etc. We work with global experts from within our international Capital Markets and Financial Restructuring Groups, we provide issuers with refinancing, opportunistic trading, and a great many other solutions for managing their existing public debt.
Wealth Management Services
Tax and Estate Planning Strategies:
  • • Pre-IPO and pre-M&A tax planning
  • • Implementation of estate planning objectives
  • • Sophisticated gifting strategies and vehicles to accomplish charitable goals
  • • Tax-efficient exercise of executive stock options
  • Alternative Investments
    • • Access to hedge fund-of-funds, direct hedge funds, and private investments
    • • Wide variety of strategies and ongoing sourcing of new investments
    Raising Capital
    As part of our services we regularly assist our clients to raise capital for different uses such as internal growth, acquisitions, refinancing and partner buyouts. Often, small businesses and entrepreneurs may not be aware of the best options available for funding should they borrow from a bank, sell an interest or explore debt capital markets? Our team has completed hundreds of transactions for companies of all sizes and is among the world’s best in helping to properly capitalize entrepreneurs. Accordingly, we can bring the best resources and ideas to your company to satisfy your needs on your terms.

Investment Process

Our experienced team hold investment management committee meetings monthly to review strategy, allocation and individual investments.
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As a Company Primus Trade's believes that companies with strong governance and astute management of their environmental and social responsibilities...
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Primus Trade adopts a structured and consistent framework to managing risk which is an integral part of key business decisions...
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