As a company, Primus Trade believes that companies with strong governance and astute management of their environmental and social responsibilities, such as emissions control or labour rights, not only make a more positive contribution than those that do not, but also provide greater long-term value and reduced risk for our clients and shareholders.

Our responsibility to client’s financial services and assets is put in to practise in three principal ways:

  • • Financial analysis of companies and assets to identify the most attractive long-term investments.
  • • Integration of ESG risks into investment decisions to ensure that our investment teams are informed, though not constrained, by ESG considerations.
  • • Shareholder voting, engagement, and public policy work to promote the long-term interests of shareholders. The best corporate governance is central to our work to combine long-term performance with responsible investment.

The Board and the Executive Committee are completely central to formulating our decision-making.

The Board is responsible for the governance of the organisation and ensuring its effective operation. The Board considers all stakeholders when establishing our objectives and policies. Our top flight and extremely experienced Executive Committee is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the business and ensuring the objectives agreed with the Board are met.

One hundred percent transparency, engagement, good governance and environmental concerns are at the core of our purpose as investors and advisors, and has been since we were established.

Investment Process

Our experienced team hold investment management committee meetings monthly to review strategy, allocation and individual investments.
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As a Company Primus Trade's believes that companies with strong governance and astute management of their environmental and social responsibilities...
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Primus Trade adopts a structured and consistent framework to managing risk which is an integral part of key business decisions...
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