Our Industry has been renowned in the past for poor administration and some considerable dissatisfaction amongst clients and investors. Here at Primus Trade we pride ourselves on the accuracy and efficiency of our administration.

We have highly experienced staff who are second to none and who work with an exceptional state of the art administration system that has been honed over a great number of years, and was designed to our own stringent standards. In order to maintain the accuracy of our records, all of the data that is input into this system is verified by cross-checking. All of the data that is input into this system is subject to a number of checks and reconciliations.

How Clients are worked with:

  • • we organise the safe custody of clients’ assets, which are registered in the name of Primus Trade Clients Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Primus Trade
  • • we issue reports every six months, detailing all of the transactions undertaken by us, also records of your taxable portfolios to aid in the completion of HMRC’s self assessment form
  • • we provide probate valuation service.
  • • depending on the individual clients wishes we are able pay income on a monthly, quarterly or six-monthly basis
  • • for the ease of our clients, we collect all dividends and interest payments
  • • most stocks and shares are predominantly now settled through 'CREST', the UK's electronic settlement system by our specialised in-house settlements team. We find that there is no need to hold individual share certificates, which are registered in our client nominee account through CREST.
  • • we provide capital gains tax management and, where applicable, we seek to make use of capital gains tax allowances each year when managing your portfolios

Investment Process

Our experienced team hold investment management committee meetings monthly to review strategy, allocation and individual investments.
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As a Company Primus Trade's believes that companies with strong governance and astute management of their environmental and social responsibilities...
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Primus Trade adopts a structured and consistent framework to managing risk which is an integral part of key business decisions...
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