Primus Trade is a forward thinking business with unique investment opportunities across the board. We provide investment banking services to management teams and companies interested in long-term success throughout the World. Primus Trade are your one stop consultant and deal sponsor responsible for all corporate finance activities both, nationally and internationally. We will, advise on acquisitions, recruit management, arrange financing, coordinate thoroughly with legal and accounting teams, provide underwriting services, and offer complete and ongoing strategic advice.

Our investment philosophy is based upon the premise that the most profitable approach to listed equity investing, is to invest in companies that operate in markets where there are long term themes that underpin growth and where those companies are poorly understood and, therefore, inefficiently priced to provide opportunities for a specialist active manager to add value.

Our high-level transaction expertise, and streamlined approval process allows us to offer creatively structured financings on a timely basis, together with a strong partnership within management and in all aspects of our business. This allows us the opportunity to make profitable investments.

Investment Process

Our experienced team hold investment management committee meetings monthly to review strategy, allocation and individual investments.
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As a Company Primus Trade's believes that companies with strong governance and astute management of their environmental and social responsibilities...
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Primus Trade adopts a structured and consistent framework to managing risk which is an integral part of key business decisions...
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