Founded in 1990, Primus Trade is an international brokerage firm that uses our extensive knowledge of world financing to develop advanced investment systems.

Using statistical modelling and mathematical analysis of the worlds markets, we endeavour to identify profitable investment opportunities. Our products range from highly diversified multi-asset solutions to regional long term equities, available in a variety of managed accounts.

We believe that our approach to investment management is one of a kind, enabling us the luxury of not having to subscribe to economic orthodoxy, meaning we able to provide a genuine diversification of benefits.

We have a portfolio consisting of billions of dollars in assets under our management and employ a diverse contingency of employees in many locations around the world.

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Investment Process

Our experienced team hold investment management committee meetings monthly to review strategy, allocation...

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As a Company Primus Trade's believes that companies with strong governance and astute management of their environmental...

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Risk Management

Primus Trade adopts a structured and consistent framework to managing risk which is an integral part of key business decisions...